starlynr® thrilled to participate in Women In DSO® Empower and Grow Conference in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, March 6-8, 2024 – starlynr®, industry and global alliance partner in women in DSO, represented by the advisory board member Mira Moawad was a part of the Women In DSO® Empower and Grow Conference held in Las Vegas this past week. With a commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the dental industry, starlynr® was honored to contribute to this significant event.

Gathering over 900 progressive leaders in dentistry, the conference provided a platform for professionals to exchange insights, network, and drive positive change within the industry. starlynr®’s participation underscored their dedication to supporting initiatives that empower women and foster growth and innovation in dentistry.

“starlynr® is proud to have been a part of the Women In DSO® Empower and Grow Conference,” said Mira M, Executive Vice President at starlynr®. “Events like these are instrumental in advancing diversity and inclusion within the dental community, and we are thrilled to have had the opportunity to participate in such a meaningful gathering.”

The conference, coinciding with International Women’s Day, celebrated the achievements and contributions of women in dentistry while highlighting the importance of continued support and empowerment. Attendees engaged in dynamic discussions, workshops, and networking sessions, gaining valuable insights and forging connections with like-minded professionals.

As the event concluded on a high note, starlynr® reiterated its commitment to supporting initiatives that promote equality, diversity, and excellence in the dental industry. The team looks forward to future collaborations and endeavors aimed at driving positive change and empowering professionals within the field.

In celebrating International Women’s Day and the remarkable achievements of women in dentistry, starlynr® remains dedicated to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment where all professionals can thrive and succeed.

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