starlynr® and Prodent Visit Lebanese Universities to Introduce Orthodontic Clear Aligners

Beirut, Lebanon– On May 13th and 15th, starlynr® and Prodent conducted informative visits to several leading universities in Lebanon, including the Lebanese University (LU), American University of Beirut (AUB), and Université Saint-Joseph (USJ). These visits aimed to introduce dental students and orthodontic residents to the innovative starlynr® orthodontic clear aligners.

Day 1: Lebanese University (LU)

The visit to LU commenced with an introduction of starlynr® by Alexander Razenkoz, our product specialist. Key attendees included:

Day 2: American University of Beirut (AUB)

At AUB, Alexander Razenkoz again led the presentation, highlighting the benefits and mechanics of starlynr® clear aligners. Notable participants included:

  • Prof. Joseph Ghafari, Head of the department, Founding Chairperson of the Department of Dentofacial Medicine.
  • Dr. Ramzi Haddad, who, despite being in travel, prepared the meeting
  • A brief tour of the AUBMC dental clinic department was conducted with Prof. Joseph Ghafari, the founding chairperson of the department of dentofacial medicine

Université Saint-Joseph (USJ)

Last session was held at USJ featured the success key and the customization advantages of starlynr®and saw moderation from:

These university visits facilitated engaging discussions about the advancements in orthodontic care and allowed students to gain firsthand knowledge of the starlynr® clear aligner solution and therapy. The initiative was met with enthusiasm and interest from the academic community, underscoring the potential impact of starlynr® in the Lebanese dental community in general and the orthodontic community in special.

For updates on upcoming training events and more information, please visit the starlynr® website, reach out to our customer support team, or check our Linktree.

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